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What do you think of when you hear “indoor air quality”? Some Long Island homeowners are reminded of old buildings that make people sick. That falls in line with a new term, "Indoor Air Pollution." Other people think of those little ionizing machines. Those little gadgets are just gadgets, and they do not affect the entire indoor environment.


There are various comfort control systems and indoor air quality solutions. Many homeowners are only vaguely aware of the types of Indoor Air Quality equipment and their value to a comfortable home. Listed below are some of the many products that Comfort Zone can offer your family:


Air Cleaners - To help keep your interior environment hypo-allergenic, we install and maintain a variety of air quality components, including electronic and media-based cleaning systems and ultraviolet mold irradiators.


Zoning Systems - The ultimate in comfort also pays for itself in energy savings. We can set up programmable thermostats that allow you to control the heating/cooling needs of your home by zones..


Dehumidifiers - Our air quality professionals provide the full range of dehumidifiers. During the heating season a whole-house dehumidifier is strongly recommended for a number of reasons. Proper moisture balance minimizes damage to the wood in your home from excessive dryness; humidifiers can help your family maintain good respiratory health. You can actually lower your heating bill too, since dehumidified air feels warmer.



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